Thursday, April 12, 2012

Shelbie | Senior 2012

I'm so blessed.  I have THE greatest friends.  I'm sure of it.  They're gorgeous, fun, sweet, and loving.  They're also gorgeous and I get to have the pleasure of photographing them.  That really excites me!  This latest senior session was some of my best work, I believe.  What do you think?  
Shelbie was PERFECT.  She was so nervous about it but she pulled it off.  I wish I could take her pictures all the time.  I will miss seeing her so much when she leaves for college in a few months...  I love her so much!  :)  (I hate how the quality is on here.  The colors look all dull.)


  1. i love them! my favorite is 6! i love how she's jumping! great job!

  2. Aww, these are so pretty, Allie! Also, is this a new URL? I'll have to unfollow and refollow to make sure you stay in my feed :)

  3. these are sooo beautiful!! i love your new design btw :)

  4. awesome shots! i like the variety too :)


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